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Packers Draw Weak Flag on Cowboys With Big-Time Flop

Jan 14, 2024 #Cowboys, #Parker’

The Green Bay Packers had an impressive start against the Dallas Cowboys in the 2023 NFL playoffs Wild Card round.

They began by receiving the ball and successfully advancing down the field to score a touchdown on the opening drive, using up eight minutes of clock time in the process.

The Packers’ defense then forced the Cowboys to punt after allowing only one first down, a significant achievement for a defense that is notably the team’s weak point.

Additionally, the Packers drew a penalty on the Cowboys’ punt return due to a well-executed flop, further enhancing their first-quarter performance.


The Cowboys punted to returner Jayden Reed, who called for a fair catch at his own seven-yard line.

As Cowboys linebacker Sam Williams approached Reed closely during the punt, Reed cleverly exaggerated the contact to draw a penalty for illegal touching on a fair catch.

Reed’s action was strategic, as Williams did make contact, although it was minimal and might not have resulted in a penalty without Reed’s exaggeration.

This unusual occurrence does not bode well for the Cowboys, as such odd incidents can lead to unexpected outcomes.

Subsequently, the Cowboys threw an interception at their own 20-yard line on their next possession, further indicating the potential for an unusual turn of events.

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