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Philadelphia Eagles favorite Jason Kelce does a Danger Bill’s Mafia stunt

Jason Kelce is a free agent.He no longer has to prepare for another grueling season with the Philadelphia Eagles. While Eagles fans hope he stays with the team for at least one more season, the fact remains that he is a beloved icon for Eagles fans and the rest of the NFL.

Now that Kelce is free to do whatever he wants, it seems like he’s looking forward to doing what he’s always done: being the hottie everyone can’t help but swoon over.

A Philadelphia Eagles legend jumps over a table to fulfill a promise to Buffalo Bills fans

The former center took a poll on his New Heights podcast asking what he should do in the 2024 offseason. Jumping on a burning table like Bill Maffia in his legendary trunk got the most likes.

While his brother Jason laughed from the sidelines, Jason Kelce kept his promise to his fans, as seen in this hilarious video: The video shows that Kelce’s brother could not have attempted this stunt without proper protection and professional supervision. Some firefighters are ready to respond when an unfortunate incident occurs. He also made sure to wear suitable fireproof clothing to protect his body from burns. As he jumped onto the table, a fireman quickly came to his side and extinguished the flames that engulfed his buttocks.

However, it’s clear that he was also interested in the stunt as he introduced it in the same way the cast of Jackass do when they’re about to do something ridiculous.

There’s nothing better than seeing the former Philadelphia Eagles star center show off his fun and relatable personality. When he tries something new in the future, fans will definitely pay attention.

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