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Potential destinations for quarterback Dak Prescott if he becomes a free agent in 2025.

Dallas Cowboys Dak Prescott as Free Agent: QB’s Top 7 Landing Spots in 2025


The Dallas Cowboys and Dak Prescott won’t be entering negotiations for an extension, with the real possibility of Prescott walking out the door in 2025 looming large

… but will he have suitors? Most are still coming to terms with the Dallas Cowboys and Dak Prescott’s “mutual decision” not to enter contract talks as the franchise quarterback looks set to join his head coach and others in a “lame duck” year.

With Dak’s monster cap hit of $55 million, the Cowboys by not extending Prescott, are severely limiting their ability to improve the roster – which might have been the plan along

So as it stands, Prescott will be playing for a new contract in 2024 and there is every chance that come the offseason, Dak will hit the free agency market and the Cowboys will be looking for a new quarterback.

But in doing nothing with Dak’s contract, have the Cowboys managed to get a sniff of leverage over Prescott? how do you say? Let’s dive in.

The thought of Prescott leaving for nothing next offseason while absorbing a huge cap hit is a nightmare for Cowboys fans, but can the organization see through Dak’s bluff when it comes to negotiations? perhaps.

but … If Prescott becomes a free agent in 2025, will there be a big market for him? Let’s take a look. What will the Steelers do after this year’s experiments with Russell Wilson and Justin Fields?

Is Seattle Seahawks’ Sam Howell behind Geno Smith in long-term plans? What about the Las Vegas Raiders or Denver Broncos? What if Will Levis doesn’t work out in Tennessee?

Will Duck be able to return to the Saints’ “homeland”? What are your plans for Minnesota? And the interesting thing is, how much would the New York Giants want to beat Dallas with Dak on the wing if they didn’t sign a quarterback?

Therefore, it appears that Prescott has a potential target among the NFL’s 31 teams next offseason. The situation is far from ideal, as the Cowboys appear to be heading toward a rebuild in 2025.

If you regularly follow our very own Mike Fisher, who has been saying this for weeks, you know this is nothing new. (See “Blast it!”)


Prescott will be betting on himself again in 2024, and we can’t blame him after he made the Pro Bowl last year and finished second in MVP voting.

… because I believe he’s aiming for $60 million a year. Something that both Dallas and Duck must address before they can really move forward: Maybe the grass isn’t always greener.

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