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Ravens starting safety Kyle Hamilton disagrees with the lingering downplay labels on the 49ers QB Brock Purdy

The Baltimore Ravens are gearing up for a pivotal Christmas night matchup against the San Francisco 49ers and undoubtedly wish to refrain from providing the opposition with any bulletin board material.

Still, starting safety Kyle Hamilton wanted to emphasize his respect for the 49ers’ second-year quarterback, Brock Purdy, despite lingering labels such as “game manager” or “system quarterback” still being cast on the young player.

These terms are being used to downplay what Purdy, the front-runner for NFL MVP, has accomplished this season.

The narrative implies that Purdy’s success is primarily attributed to the talented supporting cast around him and head coach Kyle Shanahan’s exceptional offensive system

When  asked  about Purdy, Hamilton  said:   “People  around the league  say   he’s  a system quarterback,  but  I  don’t  think  that’s  true. 


From  what  I   saw,   he   made  every throw  he   could  as a  quarterback.   ,   make   the   right   decisions  on  time   and  on  target.  

He   is   very   mobile  and  at   the   same   time   has  a great cast around  him.  But  yes.   He   is  really  great  and  we   praise   him.” 

Purdy is on track to set a new franchise record for  most passing yards in a single season. He has completed nearly  70%  of his passes and leads the NFL with 29 touchdowns and a  passer  rating   of   119.0. 

San Francisco selected Purdy  last  in the 2022 draft.  They   started   falling   down  the depth  chart   last   season,   but  injuries to two quarterbacks  put   them   in  the spotlight.

Purdy  retained   his  starting  job  after undergoing major  surgery   in   the  offseason  to repair  a  torn ulnar collateral ligament (UCL)  suffered in last season’s NFC Championship Game.

“It’ll  be a good  challenge   because   it’s   a   really   cool   story   about   what   he’s   done   and   competing   for   MVP,  but  I’m   really  excited to do  it,”   Hamilton   added.

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