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Report: L’Jarius Sneed trade agreement fell through over contract demands.

The Kansas City Chiefs were reportedly close to trading cornerback Rajarius Sneed last week, but the deal fell through for reasons beyond their control.


According to Nate Taylor of The Athletic, the Tennessee Titans had been in trade talks for Snead and already had a contract in place. However, the proposed deal fell through when Snead and the Titans were unable to agree on a long-term contract.

No further progress was made regarding a trade for Snead, as negotiations largely stalled due to the collapse of his contract with the Titans. The Chiefs franchised Snead, but he is seeking a multi-year contract that would make him one of the highest-paid players at the cornerback position.

That would give Snead a target average annual value of about $20 million. Snead was initially very interested in working together, but some of the teams that initially considered him have since made other moves.

That could limit Snead’s market going forward and complicate the Chiefs’ efforts to trade him for at least a solid return. Snead is the Chiefs’ No. 1 cornerback, but cap issues could force the Chiefs to part ways with him. But if he doesn’t get the contract he wants, the situation could become an awkward stalemate for weeks or months.

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