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Shanahan looking to get Brandon Aiyuk extension done ‘sooner than later’

Despite all the speculation surrounding Brandon Aiyuk’s future with the 49ers, he remains true to his desire for a long-term contract extension.


San Francisco 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan echoed similar sentiments this week. Speaking to the media at the NFL’s annual meeting, Shanahan reiterated his desire to keep the star wide receiver in the red and gold long-term. The coach said he and the 49ers have remained in contact with Aiyuk’s camp this offseason and even met with him during his vacation in Cabo.

Negotiations will be an uphill battle for both sides, but it is hoped that an agreement can be reached by the end of the summer. “BA is doing well,” Shanahan said of his star receiver. “We hope we can get this done sooner rather than later.”

Brandon Aiyuk is scheduled to receive a major contract extension this offseason. Since the loss in Super Bowl LVIII, the player has expressed his displeasure, hinting that he could play elsewhere if a deal is not finalized in SF.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to the 49ers team taking wins away from him, with more than $25 million per year on the line for Aiyuk. However, the Red & Gold will be in no rush as they know BA are pursuing the option for a fifth year at the club. The 49ers don’t seem to have a problem with him pursuing that option.

But completing his contract is not only important for the player’s success, but also for quarterback Brock Purdy. “That’s huge. I mean, it’s hard to be successful as a quarterback unless you have really good receivers. That’s why it starts with Brandon. It’s very important for Brock and his future that we make sure we get a receiver.” Since then, Aiyuk and Purdy have developed a close relationship around the league, making him his No. 1 target in training camp.

Since then, their partnership has only grown stronger, with both Aiyuk and Purdy receiving awards for their performances in 2023. Signing a new contract is another story, but the 49ers’ leadership has a long history with the homegrown A’s. “We have a good history of working with people who want to get things done, but it takes both sides. So can we do this? Let’s see,” John Lynch said of Aiyuk.

He talked about contract negotiations with “There are a lot of different directions that could go, but we really value Brandon and his personality as a player. We want him to be a part of the Niners and we want to make sure that becomes a reality.” I will try my best.”

And when it comes to trade speculation, Lynch put a stop to it this week. “I promise there’s nothing going on,” he said. Brandon Aiyuk wasn’t too forthcoming about Shanahan and Lynch’s recent comments, responding with a cryptic Instagram post filled with emojis.

Brandon Aiyuk, 26, is coming off his best season in the NFL. He finished 2023 with 1,342 receiving yards and seven touchdowns in 16 games. The Rocklin, Calif., native had the NFL’s highest yards per catch (17.9 yards) on just 75 receptions last season. His play earned him selection to the All-Pro team.

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