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Should the Cowboys advise Tyron Smith to retire, trade Tyler, and draft offensive linemen?

Should the Dallas Cowboys encourage Tyron Smith to retire and move Tyler Smith, while also considering drafting offensive linemen?


The Dallas Cowboys had a disappointing season in terms of their offensive line performance, with Dak Prescott being sacked 39 times, the highest since 2018 (56).

The consistency of the “best five” offensive linemen was lacking throughout the season, and the line looked vulnerable when either Tyron Smith or Zack Martin were absent.

While Brock Hoffman and T.J. Bass showed promise in the Week 18 win against the Washington Commanders, there is still a need to strengthen the unit.

In CBS Sports’ latest Mock Draft, they project that Tyron Smith’s successor, Duke’s Graham Barton, will be selected in the first round at No. 24. CBS Sports suggests that if Tyron Smith leaves in free agency, this could lead to reshuffling within the team.

Tyler Smith has experience playing as a guard and has filled in as a left tackle when Tyron Smith was injured.

If Tyler Smith moves back to left tackle, the Cowboys will require assistance on the interior. However, it is important to note that this decision is contingent on Tyron Smith not returning.

While there is a possibility of the future Hall of Famer retiring, he may also come back on a similar contract as this season. The key focus lies in Tyron Smith’s potential departure.


At 33 years old, do the Cowboys continue to entrust him with the position, hoping for good health? Is this a wise decision, especially if Smith is willing to return at a lower cost, as he did in 2023?

Alternatively, should both parties make a clean break? Regardless of the outcome, it seems logical to consider strengthening the offensive line.

This brings us to Graham Barton. According to scouts, the 6-5, 314-pound left tackle possesses the power to excel in the run game and frequently reaches the second level.

In pass protection, Barton’s footwork allows him to hold his ground, providing his quarterback with ample time in the pocket. Given that he would protect Dak Prescott’s blindside, this could prove advantageous.

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