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Should the Cowboys retire Tyron Smith and move Tyler Smith?

Jan 27, 2024 #Tyler Smith, #Tyron Smith

If Father Time remains undefeated and the Dallas Cowboys have Tyron Smith at the helm, a crack in his core could help Team USA advance.

The return of Smith, one of the best left tackles in the game, is on the field. Even at 33, few are playing at a higher level than Smith. But Smith hasn’t played a full season since 2015 and has missed significant time in two of the last four seasons. Instead, Dallas can change direction and move to regain position.

He is an unrestricted free agent this season. So the Cowboys are faced with three options. Acquire a cheaper veteran via trade or free agency, draft a left tackle or guard, and trade left tackle Tyler Smith for a starter. Smith Jr., the 24th overall pick in the 2022 NFL Draft, has emerged as a star in his own right, succeeding left and right guard Zach Martin.

Moving him to left tackle would be the worst draft of any of the three players. This is not to disparage the value of the position, nor is it to say that left tackle is less important than other spots up front, or that a blindly bad defense can’t hold back a talented offense. However, for two seasons, loyal Dallas fans saw Smith play both positions.


His art clearly showed that he is the guardian of the future. Tyler Smith takes over at left tackle in 2022, replacing Tyron Smith, who missed 13 games. He was so stellar that he was ranked No. 23 among experienced tight ends by Pro Football Focus. However, the rookie received an average grade in pass protection, ranking 43rd of 57 with 660 tackles.

His running performance increased his value. That’s a good thing, but it’s not what a team pays for a left tackle. Tyler Smith also led the offensive linemen with 15 penalties. Your hands can be a bit sloppy and this is a problem that hasn’t gone away in you. Asking him to block edge rushers full-time is a recipe for a disappointing number of flags. Tyler Smith moved to left guard in his second season and the results were fruitful.

He finished the game as the 27th best lineman in football, committed two fewer penalties (still third among linemen) and proved to be an excellent interior pass protector. He owned Philadelphia. interior. He played Philadelphia Eagles defensive tackle Jalen Carter in his first game. Overall, he ranks as the ninth-best defensive back and 13th-best pass defender at the position (per PFF).


The second-year umpire has developed into a legitimate prospect and is worth keeping. Development is rarely linear, but changing positions is a dangerous game. His level of interior play is worth any drop in position value, and despite Dallas’ linebacker disadvantage, the offense won’t miss an opportunity to tackle him.

Of course, the fate of the Cowboys’ offensive line depends heavily on what they do at left tackle. Tyron Smith’s return could be a happy ending for both sides (although tackle depth will be important). If not, it’s important to get off to a good start. Free agency should be the answer, not playing a position on the cheap.

If they’re going to pose a problem in April and the NFL Draft, their focus should be on true tackle prospects and not a hybrid that opens the door to a trade for Tyler Smith. Finding superstar talent on the offensive line will go a long way in keeping Tyron Smith and Martin out of the league. Maybe there’s someone on the left.

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