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Simone Biles’ terrible and devastating Message! To Dallas Cowboys After Wild Card Loss

Jan 16, 2024 #Jonathan Owens

American gymnast and Olympian Simone Biles enthusiastically participated in the celebration of the Green Bay Packers’ victory over the Dallas Cowboys in the NFL Playoffs.


Biles, who is married to Packers safety Jonathan Owens, was present at the Wild Card showdown in Dallas to support her partner.

She must have been overjoyed to witness the unexpected triumph of the Green Bay team.

Initially, Biles refrained from expressing her reaction to the win, but she eventually gave in and shared a photo on her Instagram story depicting a woman holding a sign that reads, ‘Better luck next time, Dallas.’


The location of where Biles took the photo remains unknown, but it is likely from a victory party she attended. Regardless of its source, the message she shared was quite cutting.

Undoubtedly, this must have been a painful blow for Dallas fans.

However, the Packers have earned the right to boast about their achievement.

They accomplished what many believed was impossible and have advanced to the divisional round of the postseason.

For Simone Biles, this means she will get to watch her husband play in at least one more game.


Given the significance of the moment for Jonathan Owens and the Green Bay Packers, it is expected that the renowned athlete will be in attendance.

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