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Steve Spagnoulo tackle San Francisco 49er legend idea over Brock Purdy: ‘I think he’s terrific’

Feb 23, 2024 #49ers, #NFL

The Kansas City Chiefs defensive coordinator went out of his way to text the San Francisco 49ers QB

For all the mistakes made by the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl LVIII, equal credit goes to Kansas City Chiefs defensive coordinator Steve Spagnoulo. He was incredible all season, and that didn’t stop in the crucial moments of the playoffs. Spagnoulo spoke with Peter Schrager of Fox Sports and NFL Network, where he discussed being blindsided by quarterback Brock Purdy.

Spags told Schrager that he didn’t find many holes in Purdy’s game before talking about his scrambling ability:«I’ll tell you something else that struck me. So we played Tua [Tagovailoa], we played Josh Allen, we played Lamar Jackson. And you have to worry about these guys running the football. It will now be San Francisco.


We haven’t seen many films about her, so I don’t really know her. OK, he’s a backup quarterback. Okay, maybe he’s not a runner. Maybe we could take a little break here.

I turn on the movie and it rocks Green Bay and Detroit. You know, the racing plays were very difficult. And I said, “Okay, here we go again.” Another.'”Purdy ran for 74 yards on seven attempts in the playoffs, including 48 yards after contact, three runs of 10-plus yards and five first downs. The 49ers won’t get back to the first two playoff games without Brock’s ability.

This doesn’t mean Kyle Shanahan will implement the planned running plays for his quarterback. It depends on the feeling. Shanahan said earlier this year that Brock knows when to show up. He proved it in the playoffs. Spags went out of his way to contact the 49ers QB after he said he thought Purdy was great:

“I’ll be honest with you, I just texted Brock today. I tried to track down his cell number. I just wanted to tell him how much respect I have for him. And what a terrific game he played. He’s such a quality guy. Strong, Christian man. I respect all of that. I’m happy for all his success.

I’m glad he didn’t have quite the real good game.”

Purdy added elements to the 49ers offense that’s been missing under Shanahan. He hunts and hits the deep ball and creates plays out of structure. It’ll be fascinating to watch him grow as a player and see what happens when it’s time to pay him an extension.

When you hear his teammates and a defensive coordinator the caliber of Spagnuolo speak out him, it’s easy to be optimistic about Purdy’s future.

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