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Super Bowl’s Favorite Raven and Chef Sign – Cowboys Tracker

January 4th. Chef’s note. It didn’t take long. Dalvin Cook cleared waivers Thursday afternoon, signing the four-time Pro Bowl running back with the Super Bowl favorite Baltimore Ravens amid speculation among other bidders.


The Dallas Cowboys have shown some interest in chasing down, but now they’ll make the NFL playoffs with running back Tony Pollard leading the way.
December 31 One Game Now everything is very simple.

The Cowboys are scheduled to play the Commanders next Sunday, with the game currently scheduled for 3:25 PM CT. Dallas was a 13.5-point favorite against a largely unmotivated Washington team. In fact, considering the NFL draft rulings, it makes sense for Washington to pitch their tent here.

Meanwhile… The Cowboys will be crowned NFC East champions with a win over Washington, thanks in part to the Eagles’ loss on Sunday.
More details are provided below.

Here’s how Dallas suddenly found itself hosting at least two playoff games at AT&T Stadium. Here, the 11-5 Cowboys have now won 16 straight.
December 30: The Dallas Cowboys outscored the Detroit Lions twice in a short period of time in the second quarter.

That’s right. twice! — But the Dallas defense came up short and bailed the home team out to maintain a halftime lead. Smarts #1: When CeeDee Lamb reached Dak Prescott’s second pass just short of the goal line, a Detroit defender pushed the ball away, causing Lamb to fumble in the end zone… resulting in a touchback.’

On the ensuing trip to Detroit, Dallas… But the Lions faked a fourth down, a long trick completion that kept their momentum going.

But again… with Detroit in the red zone, Dallas went on to miss on fourth down, giving the Cowboys a 7-3 lead. December 28th. It goes well with Tyrone.

The final practice and game status reports from Dallas vs. Lions provide some good news for the left tackle. Tyrone Smith (back) falls into the doubtful category. He is scheduled to play against the visiting Lions on Saturday night.


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