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Teams in the NFL Draft with which the Cowboys might make a trade

With the NFL Draft beginning in less than two weeks, the 2024 Dallas Cowboys draft class will be determined. For many teams, including the Cowboys, this is the biggest offseason event.

After passing on players of their own and missing out on innumerable free agents, they require an infusion of talent. Nonetheless, the team faces a significant challenge while drafting.

At best, the Cowboys’ draft capital is meager. Dallas will only select three players in the first 173 picks because they will not be selecting their fourth-round pick from the Trey Lance deal.

The Cowboys only have three selections in the top 100, and those 24th, 56th, and 87th spots represent the draft’s pinnacle.

In the latter rounds, they have a fifth, sixth, and two seventh-round picks. But after trading up in the previous draft to acquire Eric Scott Jr., a cornerback, they are now without a fifth pick.

This is a big problem for the Cowboys’ chances of getting the necessary draft class. As a result, many have urged the team to either utilize one of the later-round picks to acquire a low-cost veteran, similar to what the organization did with the deals of Stephon Gilmore and Brandin Cooks, or make a trade-back to gather more draft-day assets.

Dallas needs trading partners to accomplish this. Let’s now examine five teams with which the Cowboys could be able to reach a draft day agreement. Bill is in trade with a Buffalo.


General Manager of the Buffalo Bills, Brandon Beane, is not worried about making trades on draft day.

Beane was a four-time rounder with four different teams in the 2023 draft. In order to draft Dalton Kincaid, a new tight end weapon for Josh Allen, there was a trade-up from 27 to 23.

Recall that Stefon Diggs, an All-Pro receiver, was just traded by the Bills to the Texans. Given this deal and Gabriel Davis’s departure, wide receiver is without a doubt Buffalo’s most pressing roster need.

Their problem is that by the time they select at number 28 overall, the top five receivers will probably all be gone.

They might easily solve this situation by trading with Dallas to move up to 24 and choose a top receiver, such as Brian Thomas Jr. of LSU, while the Cowboys drop down and gather desperately needed cash.

Using the draft picks point chart system, Buffalo could offer Dallas their 28th pick in exchange for two fourth-round selections, which would be a fair trade.

Although it wouldn’t fix every issue the Cowboys are facing, sliding down a few slots with two 4s offers them a much-needed boost.

Trade WR to the Texans Regarding the Texans’ wide receiver room, let’s discuss a possible trade for one of their young players who might not be able to hold down a job.

John Metchie, a former wide receiver for Alabama, dominated his final collegiate season in 2021 with over 1,100 receiving yards. As a result, Houston selected Metchie in the second round of the 2022 draft.

After receiving a startling cancer diagnosis during training camp, Metchie found himself battling for his life instead of getting ready for his much awaited rookie campaign.

Thankfully, Metchie overcame his cancer and made a brief comeback to the field in 2023.

This epic comeback was inspiring to watch, but with the rise of players like Tank Dell, Nico Collins, Dalton Schultz, and Noah Brown, there was not much space left for Metchie.
After the Diggs trade, there are even fewer snaps to be had for him.

With this in mind, the Texans will likely look to move off of Metchie before the 2024 season, and who better to come pick him up than a WR-needy Cowboys team?

This move would not cost much from Dallas; likely a 6th or 7th in this draft.

In return, they’d get a guy who was the 44th pick just two drafts ago and a legitimate contender for WR3 on their depth chart.


For Dallas, this might be a low-cost, high-payoff decision.

Trade out of the Patriots’ first round Bringing together the NFL’s two most recognizable owners for a trade on draft day?

That is a thrilling NFL Draft moment right now. It would not be the first time these two have struck a deal for the 24th overall selection, after all.

2010 saw Dallas advance alongside New England at pick number 24 in order to choose franchise legend Dez Bryant. The Cowboys might repay the favor fourteen years later.

The Patriots are in an intriguing moment as a team. With the third pick, they might select a quarterback, who they sorely need.

But given how thin their roster is overall, it could be wiser to wait for their franchise quarterback and choose the best player available—perhaps Marvin Harrison Jr.

But Dallas might present the Patriots with an opportunity to obtain both. It appears that New England is interested in Michael Penix and Bo Nix, two quarterbacks who could move up to be selected at 24 if they capture their attention.

If things went south in 2024, they wouldn’t have to stick with that individual because of this weak commitment, but at least you have another chance to be Tom Brady’s successful successor.

A complete withdrawal from the first round is a risky decision for the Cowboys, but they stand to gain a lot of money in the process. Dallas might receive the 34th and 68th picks from New England (the fourth pick in the third round).

To make the value close, the Cowboys would need to add a late-round pick of their own, but obtaining draft capital would still be a significant deal.

It matters who Dallas signs a deal with, but first things first, something needs to be done. They need to make a lot of phone calls and significantly expand this roster in the draft.

Dallas should think carefully about going lower in this draft.

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