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The 49ers WR Deebo Samuel talk on how shoulder injury will affect game plan

Jan 28, 2024 #Deebo Samuel

San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Deebo Samuel explained how far he’s willing to push the Detroit Lions in Sunday’s NFC championship game after suffering a shoulder injury this week.

Deebo Samuel has been struggling with an injury this week

Samuel missed much of the 49ers’ Divisional Round victory against the Green Bay Packers due to the injury.


Earlier this week, the 49ers were unsure whether Samuel would be available to play in the NFC Championship Game.

Samuel missed practice on Wednesday, but returned to practice on Thursday.

The 49ers took Samuel off the injury report on Friday and cleared the star receiver to play against the Lions.

Many fans and experts believed Samuel would play in at least a limited capacity against the Lions.

The 49ers could have activated Samuel to use him as a decoy against the Lions defense.
San Francisco 49ers plan to use Samuel as usual

According to Brenna White of the NFL website, Samuel said he has no plans to protect his shoulder against the Lions.


Samuel said he would be willing to put his body on the line to give the 49ers another chance at winning the Super Bowl:

“Everything has to be on the line in a game like this,” Samuel said. “We have been here four times in the last five years. For three years we fell short, and then one year we fell short in the Super Bowl.

It’s like, what is needed? I feel like we have everything we need in this building. … It’s all within our reach and we know what’s at stake.”

The 49ers could have a bigger matchup to keep Samuel healthy

Samuel seems confident that he will not be used as bait against the Lions. The 49ers offense wants Samuel to be as normal as possible on Sunday.

Quarterback Brock Purdy struggled to find passing targets for much of the Packers’ game when Samuel was on the sideline.

Getting to the Super Bowl is essential. And Samuel may be needed to take the 49ers to Las Vegas in February. However, the 49ers also need Samuel to play in the Super Bowl if they can get there.

The 49ers have to hope that Samuel’s shoulder doesn’t get injured on Sunday.

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