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Baker Mayfield Buccaneers QB react to the 27-14 loss to 49ers in week 11

Nov 21, 2023 #Baker Mayfield

49ers’ third-quarter surge causes Bucs to suffer tough loss

The Bucs lost 27-14 on the road to the 49ers on Sunday, but a third-quarter surge by Brock Purdy’s offense and several missed chances in the red zone prevented them from winning their second straight game.

Brock Purdy threw three touchdown passes and the San Francisco 49ers scored 17 unanswered points to break up a close game and beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 27-14 at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara on Sunday.

With this loss, the Buccaneers dropped to 4-6 on the season and are tied for second place in the NFC South with Atlanta, one game behind the 5-5 New Orleans Saints.

Both the Falcons and Saints had byes in Week 11. The Bucs have now lost their last three road games after winning their first two road games of the season 3-1 in Minnesota and New Orleans. They will travel to Indianapolis to face the Colts in Week 12.

It was the Buccaneers’ fifth loss in their last six games since starting the season 3-1 with a bye in Week 5.

“First and foremost, this is a loss,” QB Baker Mayfield said. “Here’s what I think. I’ve said many times that we fought late in the game in some games and that never changed. We’re still ready to fight from this point on.

I have a team.” Especially when playing in a competition like this, it’s important to play your best game and keep everything together. Else, they will benefit if you give them more room. That’s how this league works.”


Tampa Bay suffered its second double-digit loss in recent seasons in the San Francisco tournament, after QB Brock Purdy suffered his first career 35-7 decision loss last December.

In that game, the score was 28-0 at halftime, but this time the Bucks were much more competitive.

However, the 49ers scored early in the third quarter with Brandon Aiyuk’s 77-yard touchdown catch along the left sideline, bringing the Bucs within 20 points.

“It’s a long flight home for us at the moment, but we’re starting again. We’ve got to find a way to win. It’s a ‘one game at a time’ mentality from now on,” Mayfield said.

“We’re keeping our heads down, coordinating everything, and thinking about where we can take this. It’s hard to believe that we can control our own destiny in a group that fights so fiercely.

We have to be able to do this. I still believe in this group? That’s a difficult question. We obviously didn’t play our best and had some chances. I go home, fix a few things, and go from there. ”

In addition to a difficult third-quarter injury, the Buccaneers lost three starters during this period, including cornerbacks Carlton Davis (hip) and Jamel Dean (ankle) and defensive lineman Lavonte David (groin).

We lost a defensive lineman to injury. Rookie OLB Yaya Diaby gave the defense a boost with his first two-sack game, and David had seven tackles, one sack, and three tackles for loss before his departure.


Winfield led the team with a season-high 16 tackles, and DL Vita Vea grabbed the Bucs’ other sack.

These hits from the batting line made the Buccaneers’ defense even more difficult.

A week after Tampa Bay defeated the Tennessee Titans 20-6, he gave up 420 total yards, including a 333-yard passing day to Purdy.

Purdy took turns targeting a quartet of dangerous weapons: wide receivers Aiyuk and Deebo Samuel, tight end George Kittle and running back Christian McCaffrey.

All four players gained at least 62 yards from scrimmage, and all but Samuel reached the end zone, led by Aiyuk who had 156 yards on five catches.

The Buccaneers continued to fight after falling behind 27-7, completing a long touchdown drive and getting back within 20 points of the 49ers midway through the fourth quarter before converting on downs.

Tompkins gave the Bucs one more shot in the red zone with a 51-yard punt return, but the pass hit a player’s helmet and was deflected by Ji Ayir Brown in the end zone for an interception.

“We had some good chances today and just didn’t take advantage of them,” Mayfield said. “When you play a team like that, you have to do that. It’s just a story.”

Despite a ferocious pass rush in San Francisco, Mayfield once again showed his sharpness, often throwing under pressure, completing 29 of 45 passes for 246 yards, one touchdown, and one incidental interception. successfully

completed the round.


In the second quarter, he threw a 1-yard touchdown pass to Mike Evans to briefly make it a 3-point play, then hit a 41-yard mid-range shot to rookie WR Rakim Jarrett to make it a 1-yard game.

RB Rathard White scored a touchdown run. The Buccaneers had 287 yards of offense and tied the 49ers with 22 first downs.

Other than one knee at halftime, the Buccaneers had just three possessions in the first half.

Losing one of them to a turnover inside the 49ers’ territory was tough to swallow, but Mayfield and the Bucs responded with a 75-yard touchdown drive to keep the ball close.

Unfortunately, the 49ers fought back with a 61-yard field goal drive, making the halftime score 13-7.

The 49ers had a 201-115 yard advantage at halftime and had the ball 17-14 through the first 30 minutes, but two red zone stops by the Tampa Bay defense kept the game within one point.

It was suppressed.
“We only did that three times in the first half,” Mayfield said. “We were definitely moving the ball when we went down and scored, but so were the times when we fumbled on drives.

It was a costly mistake and my mistake. We have to get out of our own way. No need.”

The 49ers started the game from their own 20 after RayRay McLeod’s 21-yard return and won on the first play when the Bucs defense lost an end-around on David Samuel’s interception.

But the 49ers caught the blitz on the second one, and Purdy had time to find Kittle over the middle for 24 yards.

Cornerback Jamel Dean intercepted Purdy’s next pass, and McCaffrey made a diving catch over the middle for just 2 yards.

The Bucs attacked again on third down, and David eventually tripped a scrambling Purdy for an 11-yard sack.

Deven Tompkins drew a fair catch interference penalty on his punt, allowing the Bucs to start their first drive at their own 37. Mayfield tried to slide directly to Evans on a flag route, but cornerback Deomodore Lenoir made a jump pass breakup.

Two plays later, on third-and-7, Mayfield had to remove the ball because his pocket collapsed and his deep shot to WR Rakim Jarrett was out of reach.

Jake Camarda’s punt was returned 2 yards to the San Francisco 20. Samuel’s 15-yard catch-and-run and OLB Yaya Diaby’s violation into the neutral zone made it a first-and-five at 40 yards, and two plays later McCaffrey moved the chains with a 7-yard cut. right guard.

Purdy then tried to scramble up the middle for a first down, but Baer extended his arm and brought Purdy into a 1-yard sack.

Purdy connected on a third-and-7 with an 11-yard shot to McCaffrey at midfield.

Another breakout by McCaffrey was negated by Aiyuk’s downfield holding call, making it a first-and-14 at the Bucks’ 42.

A defensive holding call on Dean made the 37th ball a first-and-10, and Purdy found Aiyuk for a 14-yard deep break.

McCaffrey’s two runs (one right, one straight up the middle) totaled 17 yards downfield and the Bucs gained six, and two plays later McCaffrey slid to his right and caught an easy touchdown pass.

On the ensuing kickoff, Tompkins was dropped at 15 yards and Mayfield started the drive with a read option keeper and gained 3 yards.

White drove four more balls up the middle and caught a screen to the left for a first down on 8th and 30. Mayfield immediately went back to White on the next play, scoring five more balls with a flare to his right.

After losing the ball seconds in due to an offside ruling, Mayfield fought back and threw a lateral pass to Edmonds, which went 11 yards. Edmonds’ 3-yard run ended the first quarter.


After halftime, the Bucs turned it around to Palmer, who ran for a 6-yard score following a block on Mayfield’s Nick Bosa. A quick left pass to Palmer was enough to make a third-and-one and move the ball to the Niners’ 38.

Unfortunately, two plays later, Mayfield lost the ball to Warner as he tried to scramble for yards. Clelin Ferrell scored his 35th goal for the home team.

Elijah Mitchell’s 13-yard run to the right got the 49ers going again, and two plays later, Mitchell converted a third-and-two in the same direction at the Bucs’ 44.

He then hit Aiyuk for a 19-point lead to the Bucks’ 22. Diaby evaded the right tackle two plays later and sacked Purdy for 8 yards, and a short pass to Samuel was 7 yards from a first down. Jake Moody made a 37-yard field goal for a 10-0 lead.

After the touchback, Mayfield started the Bucs’ next drive with an 8-yard outlet pass to TE Payne Durham, and Edmonds got three more first downs past left tackle.

Palmer then made a nice 17-yard diving catch down the right sideline to bring the ball to midfield.

White scored two more runs in the second and fourth overs after the 49ers were flagged for offside.

Mayfield started scrambling on third-and-two, absorbing two big hits and narrowly sailing through the uprights.

On first-and-10 in the 36th inning, Baker had little time to study the field before being fired for a loss by Arik Armstead.

But Mayfield got everything back on the next play, making a perfect seam pass from the left side to tight end Cade Otton for a 27-point lead.

This led to a two-minute warning, and on an end-around after the break, Tompkins gained 17 yards for a first.

Mayfield faked a handoff to White on first-and-goal and threw a pass to Evans in the end zone for a touchdown.

It took the 49ers nearly two minutes to extend their lead to 10-7 before halftime, but they needed very little of that time to get close to scoring right away.

Purdy found Aiyuk on the right seam, evaded several would-be tacklers and went wide at the Bucs’ 34 with a 37-point lead.

McCaffrey was forced to deuce on David’s second TFL of the first half, but Kittle squared in for 9 points, Purdy found Aiyuk on a crossing route and scored another 10 points to take the lead, 10 points on the 17th. was stolen.

Two short completions gave San Francisco a third-and-three, and Purdy threw from the back of the end zone for Moody’s 28-yard field goal.

The Bucks fought back with 16 seconds left and took a knee to start the first half.

Tampa Bay also had the ball at its own 23-yard line early in the second half, and White ran twice for a total of 12 yards, scoring a first and 10 points at the 35-yard line.

A deep shot to Evans fell incomplete and a pass over the middle gave Godwin seven points.

On a third-and-three, Mayfield faked a screen pass he threw to White earlier in the game and went down the right sideline to Palmer, who made a diving catch, but the ball went into the hands of CB Charvarius Ward.

It was thrown away. hit the ground. Camarda’s punt bounced wide near the 49ers’ 2-yard line.

McCaffrey only got one first down, but the 49ers left Kittle wide open to the left, and Kittle was able to run 21 yards to the sideline.

Purdy then passed to Aiyuk from the right sideline, who caught the ball beautifully and ran the rest of the way for a 76-yard touchdown.

A penalty on the next kickoff forced the Bucs to start at their own 10-yard line, and they lost a point on White’s run followed by a down-the-line pass to Palmer.

Mayfield dropped into his own end zone and kept the drive going with a hard pass that allowed Evans to slide down the sideline and intercept it for a 13-yard gain.

Defenseman Talanoa Hufanga scored 11 more points on a checkdown pass to White that eluded the safety.

But at that point, the drive stalled and the Bucks stumbled away from their 33rd point. The kick was pretty much caught on the San Francisco 21.

McCaffrey broke a tackle for a 12-yard run near the right end to get the Niners back on track, and Kittle gained another 11 yards on a short pass to his left on the next play.

OLB Shaq Barrett came into the backfield and put McCaffrey down by four points, but Purdy’s scramble on second down bought him time and found Samuel wide open for a 40-point lead to the Bucs’ 20.

After the Bucs’ first-and-goal at the 6, a 3-yard pass from Purdy to Kittle put the 49ers in the end zone again.

After the touchback, Mayfield threw a 6-yard pass to Evans and then to Edmonds for a pass gain.

Mayfield moved the chains with a hard 4-yard pass to Godwin, but limped back at the end of the play to end the fourth quarter.

Mayfield started the fourth quarter with a big play, hitting rookie WR Rakim Jarrett with a throw deep up the middle, giving the San Francisco 23 a 41-yard lead.

Mayfield tried to start another big play with a throw up the middle to Otton, which, although incomplete, led to a pass interference call on Warner, which led to the first goal.

White took a shotgun handoff on a bash to the end zone and completed a 75-yard touchdown drive to make the score 27-14 with 14 minutes left.

Mayfield hit Evans for a perfect 12 yards out for an early third down, then hit Godwin for another nine outs for 41 yards.

The Bucs defense got a much-needed stop on the next possession thanks to Will Goulston and Josh Hayes’ tackles on McCaffrey and good coverage by Hayes downfield by Aiyuk on third down.

Tompkins threw a 13-yard return at the end of a punt on first down right for the Bucs’ 20 points.

White ran down the line for another down, and two plays later, Godwin raced through two defenders and caught another first-down pass at the 49ers’ 45 line.

On a third-and-10 followed by three players, Godwin ran square in just beyond the victory line and caught the pass at the 34 for a first down.

Two plays later, he hit a long-range shot to Evans on the post. He was incomplete, so he took 3rd and 5th place.


Mayfield’s third-down pass to Evans was deflected at the line, giving the Bucs a 4-5 lead.

With the entire pocket collapsing on him, Mayfield remained calm and passed to Evans on a crossing route for a first down at the 18. On third and fourth from the 14, two 49er defenders met but broke up the pass to Evans in the end zone.

This was another fourth down attempt, but this time Mayfield’s throw from a crowded backfield was shaky and Evans was unable to catch it in the end zone.

The 49ers took over the game with 12 points on their own, but fell short. Antwan Winfield Jr. dropped McCaffrey for a first down and a loss, and Diaby sacked Purdy at the 3-yard line.

McCaffrey’s third down carry fell far short, forcing the 49ers to punt from their 15.

Tompkins caught the ball at the Bucs’ 36-yard line and split between two defenders to reach the left sideline, allowing a 51-yard punt return for the 49ers’ 13.

Mayfield completed a 4-yard pass to White, and Wirfs limped off the field after the play.

On the next play, Mayfield hit Otto in the end zone, but the tight end was unable to hold it completely due to contact with two defenders.

On the next play, Mayfield’s pass bounced off a defender’s helmet and was caught in the end zone by Brown.

This put the ball at the 20 and the 49ers got a first down before going into a 4-on-1 situation at their 47.

The Bucs used all three timeouts during the period, and after the last timeout, the 49ers went on fourth down.

McCaffrey got the ball but was stopped by Hayes and couldn’t get a first down.
By the time the Bucks got the ball back near midfield, there were 2:13 left in the game.

Otto’s 8-yard catch and pressured throwaway sealed the 49ers’ 45th and third-and-2.

White brought the ball up the middle and moved the chains, resulting in a two-minute warning.

Mayfield was sacked on the next play at the 47-yard line, losing seven yards and a pass from the sideline to Otton, who returned it eight yards.

However, Mayfield was sacked again on third down, making it a fourth-and-18.

Mayfield essentially threw something like a Hail Mary, but it was knocked down in the end zone.

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