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The Dallas Cowboys are not discouraged by loss to the Philadelphia Eagles

Nov 7, 2023 #Dallas Cowboys

The final outcome was a 28-23 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles, but the Dallas Cowboys left Lincoln Financial Field believing it was much closer than five points.

It was a matter of inches. An overturned (via replay) touchdown pass to tight end Luke Schoonmaker, whose knee was down before the ball crossed the goal line.

Quarterback Dak Prescott’s foot landing out of bounds on a 2-point play. Pass rusher Micah Parsons nearly recovered a fumble inside Philadelphia’s half.

In the end, both of these plays went Philadelphia’s way, but the results didn’t discourage the Cowboys.

“If (this game) was a test, we failed, and that sucks,” Prescott said. “Everyone in that locker room believed. And we still do.” Don’t get me wrong.


Because of the way the match played out, it was very close to a different match or a different outcome in the end. But we are getting better. I can promise you that.

We will continue to make improvements. We are getting better and on track.

Mr Parsons said: I feel like everyone challenged us and praised this Eagles team. Obviously, we gave them our best. Look, I didn’t mean to say that.” Adding fuel to the fire. See you again in 4 weeks.

At 5-3, the Cowboys are 2.5 games behind the Eagles (8-1) in the NFC East. Had the Cowboys won Sunday and defeated the New York Giants next week, they would have finished first in the division and likely had the best record in the conference.

Currently, only the Eagles and Detroit Lions (6-2) have more wins than Dallas in the NFC.
“What’s going on in November?” coach Mike McCarthy said. “In my opinion, there is still a lot left in football.”

The atmosphere in the locker room was much different than it was after a 42-10 win over the San Francisco 49ers on Oct. 8. In the earlier game, the Cowboys were helpless in a loss to a team that knocked them out of the playoffs each of the past two seasons.

“It’s all about runs,” Parsons said. “We’ve just got to click at the right time and make our run.”

The Dec. 10 rematch with the Eagles will come at the end of a three-game homestand for the Cowboys. They play four of their next five games at AT&T Stadium, where they have won 11 in a row.

The Cowboys overcame a 14-0 run by the Eagles in the third quarter and went from leading 17-14 at halftime to trailing 28-17 in the fourth. The play ended with receiver CeeDee Lamb being stopped at the Eagles’ 4-yard line.

Probably not an inch away from a touchdown, but close enough to make the final seconds exciting.

“It’s not necessarily an A because we lost, but we definitely fought,” Lamb said.

“We would have liked to have won, but there were a lot of different elements in that game, a lot of different momentum changes, and even with a minute left we had to keep fighting back and stay in the game and fight back and give ourselves chances. ” This speaks volumes. Who we are and what kind of team we are. ”

Coach Prescott was clearly not happy with the loss, but he was more confident that the Cowboys would be able to play a month after that disappointing loss to San Francisco. “You have to believe, this is the National Football League,” Prescott said.

“They just played a team that was in the Super Bowl last year. You have to understand who she is. Kudos to all the players on both sides of the ball, the coaches, the staff, the players, that atmosphere.

please.” We have to give them all the credit, but that doesn’t yield a moral victory. I can promise you that. Definitely not, but we know we’re doing the right thing because it’s just a few inches away.

“We just have to keep trying and improving and finding ways to improve the way we work. It’s as simple as that.” Either it gets better or it gets worse. No one stays the same. So we’re going to continue to improve.”

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