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The direction of Bill Belichick’s potential move to the Dallas Cowboys has undergone a significant change.

Bill Belichick To The Dallas Cowboys Just Took A Major Turn

Legendary coach Bill Belichick shocked many NFL fans and analysts after he did not land a new head coaching job for the 2024-2025 season.

He met with teams like the Washington Commanders and the Atlanta Falcons but did not land a job with either organization.

Rumors were starting to spread about the Dallas Cowboys possibly landing Belichick this offseason but ultimately decided to go with Mike McCarthy for at least one more season.

However, a new report has come out regarding the potential mutual interest between the two sides, and the big-time head coach could be on Dallas’ radar once again.

According to NFL analyst Jeremy Fowler, if McCarthy does not get a playoff win for the Cowboys next season, Belichick’s strong relationship with owner Jerry Jones could “loom large.”

According to the report, the Cowboys would likely move on from McCarthy next season if they do not produce a playoff win, which would open the door once again for Belichick to coach in the NFL.

According to Jones, there is “no doubt” that he and Belichick would be able to work together, calling him a “friend.”

A rumor revealed that Belichick had an interest in coaching a specific team, which was not revealed, but specified that the organization had not yet fired their coach.

While it may be speculative, Dallas did not move on from McCarthy after their horrific playoff loss to the Green Bay Packers, which could mean Belichick had an interest in coming to Dallas.

While McCarthy remains on the hot seat, Jones still had great praise for the team’s head coach, pointing out that he has had great in-season success, but now has to prove that he can win in the postseason.

Here is what the owner had to say about his head coach at this year’s Senior Bowl:

While Jones had praise for his head coach, it seems that if the tide does not turn soon for the Cowboys, McCarthy could likely be out of the job in Dallas, paving the way for Belichick to become their next head coach.

Belichick amounted to 333 career victories during his time with the New England Patriots, which ranks second all-time only behind Don Shula.

Belichick has said he would be interested in moving to Dallas if they accept him, but could we see him leading the Cowboys next season?

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