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The Eagles and DeVonta Smith continue to negotiate with a big deadline looming

Sometimes talking to random fans reminds me how different people are, even if they’re related to us or part of our inner circle that we’ve been with for a while. Someone recently asked me something… “What do you do when the Philadelphia Eagles aren’t playing? Are you bored?” What? Your question is followed by my two questions…“Am I bored? What do you mean by “I’m bored?” … Oh no! Maybe they’re not football fans like me, but the question seems silly. Am I bored? Oh no! In fact, it’s one of my favorite times of the year.

Philadelphia is expanding its roster. Most recently, Landon Dixon and later Jordan Mailat were given massive contract extensions. It reminds me of Devonta Smith. What plans do the Eagles have for him? I’ve been asking this question more and more this past week and his name has come up a few times. Buckle up, we have a lot to discuss.

The Eagles are reportedly making an extension for Devonte Smith a priority, but with May fast approaching, there is one notable date on the calendar.

Philadelphia’s front office has been hard at work this offseason. The next order of business is reportedly re-signing Devonta Smith. ESPN’s McManus reported that sources familiar with the talks told him the Hawks wanted to end the talks. However, there is one thing to keep in mind.

May 2nd is an important date in the professional football calendar. This is the deadline for clubs to exercise their fifth-year options on players selected in the first round of the 2021 NFL Draft. Devonta was drafted 10th overall that season. With The Cap projects, he could earn around $15.5 million if that happens. After three seasons, things couldn’t be better for our Skinny Batman. In his first year, he broke the Eagles’ rushing yards record. The following year, he set the franchise record for receptions by a wide receiver (Zach Ertz holds the franchise record for receptions in a season). He finished his third year with his second consecutive 1,000-yard receiving game.

All he failed to do was avoid two notable Pro Bowl snubs. Twice he was punished by voters for standing on the opposite side of A.J.’s formation. Brown. It’s almost as if someone thought sending two Eagles to the Pro Bowl was overkill.

That’s another story for another day. Regardless of which side you fall on in this debate, we can all agree. Devonta is a big part of Philadelphia’s future. It would be nice if he could stick around for a while, but we’re confident that Howie Roseman and company will be able to get this deal done.

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