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The Giants could face the difficult task of trading their top quarterback prospect.

If the New York Giants focus on drafting a quarterback in 2024, the competition will get tougher.

The Giants currently own the fifth overall pick after losing to the Philadelphia Eagles on Monday night, but that pick could move up to the fourth pick if the New England Patriots beat the New York Jets in the offseason.

The Big Blue have to face the Los Angeles Rams again and then the Eagles, so their odds of winning either of those games are slim. The reality is, if the Giants are going to draft a quarterback, they’re going to need a top-four pick, if not a top-three pick, because they’ll probably have to go into the draft and trade up.


With the Arizona Cardinals or Chicago Bears depending on whether they want to use Justin Fields next season. There’s a lot of hope that they can move when necessary, but the best thing is that they don’t have to give tons of resources to get the job done, so it’s done in three parts: panic. Arizona will immediately target Pro Bowl-caliber receiver Marvin Harrison Jr. for their choice.

The Giants would have to give up some popular picks to move from fourth to second, but they could keep their 2025 first-round pick. Promotion to no. I won’t doubt their first choice.

He’ll risk waiting the draft unless he has better competition, but the Patriots and Washington player calls will be about new competition or the move before them.

Giants will need to get very creative in next draft

Caleb Williams, Derek Meyer and Jayden Daniels are currently expected to be starters, and Daniels is a rising star at point guard. In fact, if he breaks the consensus, his shares could put him in the top two, and many believe he will reach Meyer’s rating soon.

Daniels is coming off a Heisman Trophy-winning season in which he threw for 3,812 yards, including 40 touchdown passes and four interceptions. Not to mention his 1,134 rushing yards and 85 rushing touchdowns. His outstanding performance on the field, combined with his 72.2% completion rate and improved speed rating, makes him a great candidate.


If he can get close to Lamar Jackson’s level, opposing teams will have a tough game plan for him. The Giants need a quarterback who can run the offense, and Daniels fits the bill perfectly. If the Giants fall in love with a quarterback prospect, they must take action and do whatever it takes to get their man.

The reality is that general manager Joe Schoen and head coach Brian Daboll can’t dedicate themselves to Daniel Jones and his torn ACL if they want to keep their jobs.

They have one more season to get this team on the right track, and Jones has proven to be more of a liability than a solution. With his contract expiring after the 2024 season, restarting his rookie season at quarterback and finding a player with elite upside should be an easy decision for the Giants team.

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