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The Philadelphia Eagles player Jason Kelce “The best storyteller ever “

Nov 13, 2023 #Jason Kelce

Jason Kelce recalls an amazing part-time job he had in the offseason

Jason Kelce is known as a talented football player for the Philadelphia Eagles, but that wasn’t always his only job.

The 36-year-old spoke on a new episode of his New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelsey podcast about his summer off-season job as a bouncer and recalled one night. When the last one got a little off track.

In a preview clip shared to Instagram on Nov. 11, Jason recalled, “The first thing they said was, look, we don’t want an argument…” .


Your job is to not only preserve the peace, defuse situations, and then on top of that, another part of our job was to clean the floors.”

It seems like Jason understood his job well, but apparently, that wasn’t the case for one of his coworkers:

“One of the other guys that bounced with me was a big fan of altercations, and he became a bouncer because he wanted altercations.”

Well, one night, that other bouncer decided to create an altercation when a drunk man walked into the back hallway thinking there was a bathroom there.

The coworker went back there to check out the situation, and soon Jason heard a “commotion.”

“Of course, the guy thought there was a bathroom over there.

So what do you do when you’re drunk and you think there’s a bathroom someplace, and there’s not a bathroom there?” he asked his brother Travis Kelce.

Travis answered while laughing, “You take a leak on the floor,” with Jason explaining that the “former bouncer” walked over to the guy peeing in the hallway and asked him, “What the f–k are you doing, man?”


The drunk man replied, “I had to go home,” to which the bouncer replied, “You’re right,” and Jason then “grabbed him, threw him in his own piss, and went to clean up first.” ” he explained. , the man wiped the piss and immediately threw him out the exit. ”

Travis said, “I have to sweep the floor!” and Jason agreed, “I mean, it’s part of his job.”

Fans enjoyed the funny moment, with many commenting and praising Jason’s storytelling skills. “Jason’s storytelling is amazing, and Travis’ hysterical laugh, you know, his brother has been making him laugh since he was little.” lol. ”

“I wish Jason would tell me bedtime stories,” said another user, while another commented: “Best storyteller ever.”

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