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The President Joe Biden is set to break what used to be a yearly tradition in an election year

According to Variety’s Brian Steinberg, CBS News confirmed that Biden will not participate in a pregame interview before the Kansas City Chiefs take on the San Francisco 49ers.

This is the second show before the Super Bowl where Biden has declined to be interviewed.

President Joe Biden will not take part in an exchange during the pre-game festivities leading up to CBS’ broadcast of Super Bowl LVIII on February 11, CBS News confirmed.

The Paramount Global news operation had been in discussions with the White House in recent weeks.

Details about which reporter will take on this assignment are unclear, but CBS News has reportedly proposed a 15-minute interview, three to four minutes of which will be aired during pregame coverage.

It would be the second straight year President Biden has pulled back on an opportunity that typically draws tens of millions of viewers hours before kickoff.

Last year, President Biden also refused to talk to a Fox News correspondent.

Announcements of interviews with Super Bowl presidents typically occur five or more days before the event.

“We hope viewers enjoy watching what they tuned in for — the game,” said Ben LaBolt, a White House spokesman.

Biden made an interesting decision.

Biden’s decision to skip the interview is interesting on several levels.

Biden, one of the most unpopular incumbent presidents in history, will have to find a way to boost his ratings in the polls if he is to challenge Donald Trump in November.

Biden said in his interview that he shouldn’t think that just because he presents his policies, he can win over undecided voters.

I wonder what the media would have done if Trump had refused to participate in an interview before the Super Bowl.

Biden’s decision to boycott public viewing of the Super Bowl comes during a week of turmoil at home and abroad.

Biden’s name was mentioned in the crazy plot of Kansas City leaders.

At home, Biden’s name was linked to the Taylor Swift-Chiefs conspiracy at the Super Bowl.

Conservative voices have suggested that Swift colluded with the NFL and government to support Biden during and during the Super Bowl.

Biden seems to have absolutely nothing to do with the Super Bowl.

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