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The Ravens played a significant role in the substantial defeat against the Chiefs during the AFC Championship Game

The Baltimore Ravens had everything going for them. They have the first AFC championship in offense and overall defense and are a projected top 10 player in the league and home field advantage.

At least not in the Wild Card or Divisional Round like the last few attempts. But I doubt that’s a consolation prize for Lamar Jackson and the Ravens, who have to watch Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs advance to their second and fourth Super Bowls in five years.

Despite all the advantages, especially with the enthusiastic Baltimore crowd at M&T Bank Stadium, the Ravens were never able to take control of the game and fell behind 17-7 at halftime. That, combined with the NFL’s second-best overall defense, meant that Mahomes was the leader of the Ravens, which proved to be the Kansas City team’s greatest strength.


But how exactly did the Ravens hit him? Who is responsible for this disappointing defeat?

Ravens were usually full of costly punishments. The Ravens had eight penalties for 95 yards Sunday, while the Chiefs had three penalties for just 30 yards. But it wasn’t just about yardage.

The timing and type of punishment for Corbi was costly. The Ravens had four 15-yard penalties, including an unnecessary hit on Kyle Van Noy and a brutal hit on a Travis Jones passer before halftime that ultimately led to a Chiefs field goal.

Later in the game, Zay Flowers committed a fumble penalty late in the third quarter and a passing foul on Jadeveon Clowney early in the fourth quarter.

There was no reason to award such an expensive penalty to the home team. There is no excuse for that. These fines are one of the reasons why the value of the game goes down.

Flowers was a big part of the Ravens’ success against the Chiefs. He finished the day with five receptions for 115 yards and a touchdown. However, from the end of the third quarter through the fourth quarter, it was a series of chaos for the young receiver.


Jackson found Flowers three times for 76 yards on a drive that looked promising. The sun would have set a second time if Flowers hadn’t been touched before reaching the end zone. It was the same record that made Flowers fun. Flowers then squeezed his arm after slamming his helmet into the seat.

For most, it was the beginning of the end for the Ravens. Lamar Jackson looked shaken and frustrated. Jackson didn’t look completely comfortable all day, and a lot of that can be attributed to Chiefs defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo, who had a great performance in Sunday’s AFC Championship Game.

Jackson finished 20-37 with a 75.5 passer rating for 272 yards, a touchdown and an interception. He also had eight carries for 54 yards. But the pressure on Jackson throughout the day caused him to lose his rhythm, miss big throws and do other things with his feet. He was sacked four times for 17 yards and had seven more quarterback hits.

Unfortunately for Jackson, his playoff struggles followed in the biggest game of the season. Since the AFC Championship Game against the Chiefs, Jackson has scored nine goals in seven postseason games. Ultimately, his second-quarter fumble cost the Chiefs a point, but the fourth-quarter fumble stymied the Ravens’ comeback.


It would be the Ravens last possession and he went 12 plays, 74 yards and showed great promise. However, on 2nd and 10 from the Chiefs 25, Jackson was surrounded by multiple Chiefs defenders and was eventually stripped of the ball by Deon Bush for a turnover.

Jackson was clearly upset and dropped his helmet on the ground as he returned to the sideline.Defense of the Ravens The Ravens defense has been good all season, but not so good on Sunday. More often than not, he managed to finish third against the leaders.

The Ravens had the seventh-best pass defense (36.4%) in the NFL entering the AFC Championship Game, but the Chiefs went 8-of-18 (44.4%) on Sunday, going 3-11 (27.2%). The Ravens also didn’t get an interception on Mahomes until the fourth quarter, sacking him twice for 11 yards. This probably didn’t help the Ravens defense on the field (or on offense).

That’s why the Chiefs outscored the Ravens 37:30 to 10:30 per possession. Everything that was good about the Crows this season was also honed in the AFC Championship.

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