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The West Coast Eagles have been criticized for not taking the AFL pre-season seriously, bringing players Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce and others along for internal trials.

The funny police have descended on the West Coast Eagles as former AFL star Kane Corns slammed the club’s decision to allow players to wear costumes amid an internal court case.

In a new club tradition, players dressed up as musicians, superheroes and other pop culture figures before the final game of the season.However, Elijah Hewett and Reuben Jinbei stole the show by dressing up as Kansas City NFL star and Super Bowl champion Travis Kelce and international pop singer Taylor Swift.

While the Eagles blocked comments on a photo of Hewitt and Kimby dressed as Kelce and Swift, fans were quick to comment on other photos praising the club’s ease in preseason style.”Travis and Taylor gold,” one fan commented. “Tai Swift and Travis Kelce combined is [fire emoji],” another person replied.Another added: “Please listen to more Taylor Swift.”

“I’m totally on an island with this and I’m happy to be on an island by myself,” Coens told the SEN breakfast show.“Knock your socks off West Coast Eagles, they’re on home court wearing the funniest outfits you’ve ever seen. “It’s the start of the NBA and it’s pretty funny, I get it, but some players are wearing jumpsuits with nothing underneath, some players are dressed like superheroes, some are hooded suits, some are Hawaiian shirts. It’s funny… “For a club that has won five in the last two years, I want more professionalism and the attitude that comes with it.”It’s not Crazy Monday, it’s your first day of the season and we don’t need you dressing up like a superhero and taking pictures all over social media.” Let’s get serious.

While Cairns may not be happy with the easy way pre-season ended, midfielder Jayden Hunt liked what he saw in internal training.’It was a good shot. “It’s really competitive and the final preparation for Frio next week,” Hunter said.

“The last couple of weeks you’re almost hungry to come up against real opposition and that’s good, it means the guys are ready.”We really took it to another level today and we have to take it to another level next week against a real opponent.”All eyes will be on this season’s number one Harley Reid, who has shown his prowess against opposing teams in the middle with young midfielder Campbell Chaser. “(Harley) obviously did something no one else could do, which is pretty amazing. Good kicking and I’m looking forward to seeing him play against Freo throughout the season,” Hunter said. “Sometimes you have to step back and see how he does. Some of the other young guys have shown some good things, so I’m optimistic and hopefully we can carry that into the season. “(Chesser) has worked hard. His dynamic is a little different, he’s very quick and explosive,” he added.

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