Tom Brady, a legendary NFL player, shares one thing he wishes he could change about his successful career.

NFL legend Tom Brady reflects on one regret from his storied playing career. Known for his serious approach to football, Brady revealed on “The Pivot” podcast that he regrets his intense demeanor.


Speaking to former NFL players and podcast co-hosts Ryan Clark, Fred Taylor, and Channing Crowder, Brady said, “What I would have changed was, ‘OK, there’s part of me that still loves …’ You see these young players.

I see, like, Patrick [Mahomes] out there at quarterback, laughing, having fun. I’m like, ‘I used to be like that!’ What the hell happened to me? I just got too serious.”

Brady’s serious and arguably robotic approach was synonymous with the New England Patriots and head coach Bill Belichick during their unprecedented success.

When Brady showed emotion, it was often by yelling at teammates on the sideline or violently smashing a tablet. However, he seemed more relaxed after joining the Buccaneers in 2020.


After retiring “for good” following the 2022 season, Brady is preparing to transition to broadcasting.

He will debut as FOX Sports’ lead NFL analyst alongside play-by-play announcer Kevin Burkhardt, calling the Dallas Cowboys Week 1 game against the Cleveland Browns on Sept. 8.

He also entered the broadcast booth during last month’s UFL Championship game.

Reflecting on his career, Brady said, “You just learn from it, and go, ‘OK, now next phase of life, enjoy it a little more.’” He also discussed the challenges of his early career, stating,

“So much [of], I think, the early part of my career was trying to fulfill people’s new expectations of me and me still being the 14-year-old boy that wanted to fit in. I was like, ‘I just want to go to the field and play.’


Now, there were all these other things to choose from. Next thing you know, you’re overwhelmed because you didn’t sleep, you didn’t eat right, you were partying.

I’m like, ‘I don’t really like the way I’m feeling.’”

Brady has been busy in the lead-up to his broadcasting debut, with the Patriots hosting a Hall of Fame induction ceremony for him at Gillette Stadium in June.

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