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Tom Brady throw Jabs at Dan Campbell after the Lions’ loss to the 49ers

Jan 30, 2024 #Dan Campbell, #Tom Brady

If Tom Brady had coached the Lions on Sunday night at Levi’s Stadium, his strategy would have been different than Dan Campbell’s.

Campbell’s patented aggressive playcalling may be the biggest reason Detroit won’t represent the NFC in Super Bowl LVIII.

The Lions potentially cost themselves six points by pushing the limits on fourth down in the 49ers’ late game, and those missed opportunities proved costly in a 34-31 loss.

Rolling the dice was one of the main reasons Detroit reached the conference championship game. But at this point, Brady thinks Campbell’s team should have played a little more cautiously.

“You know, of course, if you’re aggressive and it doesn’t work, it’s going to come back and bite you,” Brady said on the latest episode of his Let’s Go! podcast, transcribed by Bleacher Report. “Yesterday it came back to bite her. I would have taken the points here too.


“I’ve been in situations like this. I look at them and say, OK, this is an opportunity to keep the pressure on the 49ers to make good plays and you’re in a great position.

However, Campbell’s biggest error in judgment probably wasn’t a fourth down. With about a minute to play, Detroit trailed by 10 points at the San Francisco 1-yard line and called off a running play that failed, forcing the visitors to burn one of their timeouts.

The Lions quickly got within three, but with only two timeouts available, they couldn’t stop the Niners from running out the clock.

“The handoff at the end of the game, I didn’t understand that,” Brady said. “Unless you’ve seen an incredible shot that allows you to pass the ball, you just can’t risk being on the verge of being stopped and running down the clock.

You just can’t get the ball. So it’s the one I just said: “I don’t know what you do.”

Immediately after the match, Campbell did not regret regretting his questionable decisions on the fourth drop.

However, the third year head coach recognized instead of rushing into the last possession of the Lions, “should have been the right thing.”

The tight loss will certainly be stung in Detroit for a while, because when Campbell explained openly to his team after the match, it could have been the group’s only chance to make a big bowl.

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