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Tony Pollard, a member of the Dallas Cowboys, has disclosed his intentions for free agency, stating that it is a purely business-related matter.

Cowboys’ Tony Pollard Reveals Free Agency Plans: ‘It’s a Business’

It’s hard to say what will happen with the Cowboys’ Tony Pollard, who is entering free agency for the second consecutive year and whose status in Dallas is uncertain after what was a mostly disappointing showing in 2023.

Pollard was given a franchise-tag contract last year, worth $10.1 million for one season, on the basis that he would be given a trial run as the lead back after the departure of Ezekiel Elliott.

It did not go all that well, though it was not a complete disaster. Pollard logged 1,005 yards this season, which was good for 12th in the NFL and only two yards off last year’s total (1,007).

But he did so on 252 carries, and his average of 4.0 yards per carry was well off last year’s mark, 5.2 yards per rush. This led to speculation that the Cowboys might be looking for another major league appearance next season.

But Pollard hopes not. His plan, he said, is ‘Cowboys First.’ As he said on this week’s Blogging the Boys podcast, “If I could choose, I’d like to be in Dallas.

But at the end of the day, you realize it’s a business. So that’s it. “We have to be prepared for what’s coming.” Cowboys’ Tony Pollard: We’ll have to worry about free agency ‘soon’ But it’s not even Valentine’s Day yet, and Pollard knows it’s too early to know what happens next.

There is still more than a month left until players and teams can begin signing contracts. “It’s still a little early, especially with the season going on right now,” Pollard said.

“But I think we’ll get a clearer picture of how things are going once the free agent market turns around after the Super Bowl.” Meanwhile, Pollard said he will begin training after the Super Bowl.

He wasn’t fully healthy last season, suffering a serious leg injury in a playoff game against San Francisco. Pollard said it wasn’t until he was 10 weeks old that he felt completely healthy.

This week he scored his first touchdown since opening the season, an eight-game drought. Pollard has four touchdowns in his last eight games.

“Probably the Carolina game was when I felt like myself again after that game,” he said. NFL shuts down after Packers loss

As for how this season ended with a 48-32 blowout loss to the Packers – a huge disappointment after another 12-5 season and a No. 2 seed – Pollard said it took some time to put it aside. The Super Bowl will be the first NFL game he watches since. “It was a difficult loss.

It wasn’t easy for us to end the season. It was definitely a disappointing loss, especially since we have played as well as we have all season,” he said. “I haven’t watched football since that game.

I feel the way we came out. We are a much better team than this. It was difficult for us to get out this way. So I didn’t even watch it. “But I will watch the Super Bowl.”

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