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Underrated, talked about Eagles who could be stars in the near future.

Remember when Howie Roseman was public enemy number one in the City of Brotherly Love? The Philadelphia Eagles took Jalen Reagor over Justin Jefferson in the 2020 NFL Draft, selecting the quarterback despite having Carson Wentz in the second round. Who believed? This decision set off a chain reaction. Getting Jalen Hurts was a smart decision. The Carson Wentz trade eventually led to some additions through attrition, and if the Phillies get Jefferson, they get DeVonta Smith and A.J. brown on the list.

Howie proved us wrong. He went from a bully to one of the most trusted men in town. His list showcases some of his best work, and while there are stars at every turn, there may also be some lesser-known figures to help tell the story of 2024.

It’s easy to forget about players as the Eagles’ roster shrinks, but here are some lesser-known players who are set for their debut.

Can you imagine having a roster so crowded that people sometimes forget to mention Jalen Hurts? It found its niche in Philly, and in its latest version, the rich keep getting richer.

Cooper DeJean and Quinyon Mitchell will star. Take the first one. He is a versatile defender whose name is pronounced with a long u. So when he makes a big play, we can all say “Coooooooo” at home games. Like the people on this list, both are used. They were all judged for the same reason. This season, everyone has the opportunity to change their story.

Nacoby Dean and Devin White, linebackers

Nakobe Dean is a third round pick that some thought would be their first. Devin White is a former first round pick who was waived by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The former was slated to start for the Phillies last season, but was placed on reserve due to two injuries. The latter was unpopular due to issues we don’t normally see. How do you go from being one of the best players on the field during the Super Bowl to being benched in the playoffs? Here it is. Those are the top two inside linebackers on the Eagles’ depth chart.

We choose to believe, honestly there is no reason for the X’s and O’s. But something tells me they both have a chip on their shoulder. It just keeps going. Put it on your belt. Loading returns.

Others are; Nolan Smith, DeVante Parker

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