Verstappen reacts to potential negative reaction from British fans.

Verstappen Responds to Potential British Fans’ Backlash

Max Verstappen has brushed aside concerns about a possible backlash from fans at the British Grand Prix following his collision with Lando Norris.


The incident between the top two drivers in the championship on lap 64 in Austria has dominated F1 discussions over the past week.

Norris, who is one of the most popular drivers on the grid, has even walked back some of his initial comments ahead of the Silverstone race.

The prospect of Verstappen being booed by British fans has arisen, similar to the reception Sebastian Vettel received in 2013 after the ‘multi-21’ incident with Mark Webber, and again in 2017 following his clash in Azerbaijan with Lewis Hamilton.

However, Verstappen is unconcerned about the possibility of being booed by the fans.

“I’ve already had that before, so I will just focus on the performance,” Verstappen told the media, including RacingNews365.

“Everything is clear, which for me was the most important thing, and we move on. Lando and I are good friends, so we spoke about it and everything is cleared.

That is the most important thing – as long as I am okay with Lando, that is the only thing I am concerned about.”

Verstappen and Norris share a strong friendship off the track. Verstappen described their conversation on Monday after the race, where he reiterated his commitment to his aggressive driving style.

He emphasized that his primary concern was maintaining his relationship with Norris, not comparing himself to other drivers.

“I am not going to compare drivers because that doesn’t make any sense – and the only thing I cared about is maintaining my relationship with Lando, because we are great friends,” Verstappen said.

“After the race, I said that we just have to let things cool down because emotions run high. We spoke mainly on Monday and came to the conclusion that we actually really enjoyed our battle.”

Verstappen further elaborated on the incident, acknowledging that both he and Norris saw it as a minor touch with significant consequences.

“But we were both looking at the inside, and it was such a silly little touch that had great consequences for us both, and a little bit more for Lando,” he added.

He highlighted their history of hard racing, both in Formula 1 and in online racing, where they have had a lot of fun together.


“We like to race hard, we’ve done this for many years, not only in Formula 1, but even in online racing where we had a lot of fun together.

These things have to carry on because that is what we like to do – and it is great for Formula 1 as well,” Verstappen concluded.

In summary, Verstappen remains focused on his performance and values his friendship with Norris, downplaying any potential negative reactions from the British fans at Silverstone.

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