Verstappen shares his thoughts on the post-Austrian collision discussion with Norris

Verstappen Shares Insights on Post-Austria Discussion with Norris After Collision


Max Verstappen has detailed his conversation with Lando Norris following the dramatic conclusion of the previous weekend’s Austrian Grand Prix, where the two drivers from Red Bull and McLaren collided.

As they were battling for the lead at the Red Bull Ring, a clash in the closing laps resulted in punctures for both cars and forced Norris out of the race due to additional damage.

After giving their immediate post-race comments to the media, Verstappen and Norris had a conversation the following day after emotions had settled. Verstappen, who finished fifth and received a 10-second penalty, shared more about what they discussed.

Verstappen emphasized that his primary concern was maintaining his relationship with Norris, noting their strong friendship.

He explained that he suggested they wait until things cooled down after the race because emotions were running high. They spoke on Monday and concluded that they had enjoyed their battle despite the incident.

Verstappen reflected on the incident, describing it as a minor touch that had significant consequences, particularly for Norris, whose puncture led to further complications.

He highlighted their shared passion for racing hard, not only in Formula 1 but also in online racing, and expressed that such competitive spirit is beneficial for the sport.

When asked about the extent of their discussion and their views on the clash, Verstappen said they agreed on 99% of the matters, which he considered significant.

He reassured Norris that he never aims to crash him out, emphasizing the trust they have in each other. He pointed out that instinctive reactions are normal in racing but felt that his actions were not excessively aggressive.


Verstappen likened racing to car design, where pushing the boundaries is essential for success, implying that similar principles apply in driving. He argued that without taking such risks, one would never become a top driver or succeed in life.

When questioned about maintaining friendships while competing for major prizes, Verstappen stated that it depends on the individuals’ personalities.

He praised Norris as a great guy and a passionate racer who loves Formula 1. Verstappen acknowledged the different stages of their careers, with Norris aiming for his second win and Verstappen his 62nd, which naturally affects their emotions differently.

He recalled his own experiences when he was fighting for his initial wins and found it understandable.

Looking ahead to the next race at Silverstone, Verstappen anticipated another close competition with Norris, recalling McLaren’s strong performance the previous year and expecting them to be quick again.

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