Verstappen was unexpectedly pleased with his fourth-place finish despite facing floor damage during the race.

Unexpectedly, Verstappen finished fourth due to damage to the underside of his carMax Verstappen said he was disappointed after the underside of his car was severely damaged during qualifying for the British Grand Prix and was only looking to finish in the top ten and I was surprised to finish fourth.


Red Bull saw Sergio Perez emerge victorious from Copse in Q1 when Verstappen also went wide out of turn one after the restart, crashing into the gravel at high speed.

Although he won Q2, he said the damage was so extensive that Red Bull made efforts to repair it as the race progressed, which ultimately helped him get into Q3 and win the second row.

“I was very lucky from Q1 onwards,” said Verstappen. “I came out of turn 7 heading towards Copse and it started to rain, then I realized that the people in front of me didn’t even have that part of the rain, they were on slick tires and I realized that we need it in the Q1.

slicks, because you never know if it will rain more and the race is over. I slowed down because I knew the rain would hit my visor, but it did. Then I had to avoid hitting the wall when I went off the road, but…

I had to pick up the gravel that was destroying the landing gear. [I lost] a lot of parts on the car, although I think the team did a good job trying to recover some parts and improving the front and rear.

That ruined our fitness. the famous driver started later and admitted that he had a difficult task ahead of him with the two fastest drivers of Mercedes and Lando Norris. “Yes, I wanted to participate in the contest,” he said.

“First I need a new base! This will help me. I hope this game will be exciting. We may be more inclined to attack now than when we started first or second, but that’s okay.

“I think the guys around me are equal in speed. I think McLaren always run hard in the race and take care of their tyres, but I hope we can get there and do the race.

It wasn’t our day today because Q1 was lucky. Hopefully… tomorrow we can have a good fight with all the parts.

That would be great. Yes, I know the first three, they want to win at home and I hope I can make the game a little more difficult. “

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