We made a huge mistake.

Oscar Piastri acknowledged that McLaren miscalculated the timing for his final flying lap during qualifying.


Piastri is set to start the British Grand Prix from fifth place but expressed frustration with how his final run in qualifying was handled.

He remarked, “In Q1, we were very fast. I completed my lap much earlier than others, and we were strong. In Q2, we again went a bit early and performed well.

However, in Q3, we delayed the last run too much, starting my lap about half a second behind Carlos [Sainz], which was beneficial for the straights but detrimental for the corners.

This is something we need to review because I believe we had more potential than we demonstrated today.” This situation has added to Piastri’s recent frustrations, following last week’s Austrian Grand Prix where he lost his best qualifying lap due to track limits violations.

This incident placed him seventh on the starting grid and possibly deprived him of a chance to win his first grand prix, as he narrowly missed out on catching race winner George Russell.

Commenting on his experience at Silverstone, Piastri noted, “This weekend’s frustration is different. Last weekend’s frustration resurfaced yesterday, but today’s issues were our team’s fault.

Yesterday was challenging for several reasons, but qualifying seemed promising,” he continued.

“We made a small error on my first push lap, and on the second, we completely mistimed our pit exit. It’s unfortunate that we missed another crucial attempt.”

Mercedes secured the front row with Russell on pole position and Lewis Hamilton second. The Mercedes cars showed strong performance on Saturday at Silverstone, while Max Verstappen is set to start fourth.

Verstappen had an uncharacteristically erratic qualifying, going off-track at Copse and damaging his car’s floor.

Piastri anticipates the repairs will be completed in time for the race, and he believes there are five drivers who could potentially win the British GP.

“We’re all very close in performance,” he observed. “The Mercedes cars looked very fast; they had a good day yesterday, and they were quick in the rain this morning.

Clearly, they were very fast in qualifying, possibly the quickest. I suspect Max has more to offer since his floor likely suffered from the gravel incident.


So, I think it’s a close competition among the five cars, and the race will come down to who capitalizes on the opportunities.”

The British Grand Prix is scheduled to start at 15:00 local time (midnight AEST).

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