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The pressure intensifies in Frisco as the Dallas Cowboys regroup following another disappointing season.

After three consecutive 12-5 seasons with playoff setbacks, the confirmation of retaining head coach Mike McCarthy signals stagnation.

The upcoming offseason demands crucial choices on cap space, including decisions on Dak Prescott’s substantial cap hit and extensions for CeeDee Lamb and Micah Parsons.


Pending free agents Tony Pollard and Tyron Smith offer an opportunity to shift towards younger, cost-effective players for a more sustainable future.

Owner Jerry Jones discloses a win-now approach, asserting, “We will be going all in” for the 2024 season, signaling a departure from building for the future.

Jones’ statement suggests a focus on immediate competitiveness, potentially influencing roster decisions and free agency involvement.

The likelihood of Smith returning and the emphasis on veteran acquisitions like Brandin Cooks and Stefon Gilmore are bolstered by the “going all in” mentality.

Jones’ words may extend to the 2024 NFL Draft, impacting the team’s strategy after drafting developmental prospects Mazi Smith and Luke Schoonmaker in the previous year.


Acknowledging the potential consequences, especially given Jerry’s age of 81, the all-in approach raises stakes for the Cowboys.

McCarthy’s coaching seat is under scrutiny, with a slow start or early-round exit seen as a potential breaking point for a staff yet to overcome playoff challenges.

Jones outlines his plans, leaving the front office’s interpretation crucial in shaping the Cowboys’ prospects for 2024.

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