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What Adam Schefter’s comments on Dak Prescott may mean for a Cowboys’ rebuild

What was supposed to be an ordinary day in the NFL earlier this week turned into a fascinating new chapter in the ever-evolving story of the Dallas Cowboys. On Tuesday’s episode of NFL Live, league insider Adam Schefter shared some interesting speculation about the Cowboys’ potential moves in the upcoming draft later this month.


At first glance, Schefter’s comments aren’t surprising or inflammatory considering Dak Prescott’s contract situation. By all accounts, the team is happy to go into Prescott’s final contract season without a new contract, and even though he has expressed a desire to sign a new contract, the Cowboys have up to $55.4 million in their account will remain.

If the Cowboys negotiate a new contract with Prescott, he will cost significantly less this year. What makes Schefter’s comments interesting, given his status as an insider, is the prospect that the Cowboys might be doing exactly what they’ve always wanted, and Schefter’s comments are interesting given his position as an insider. It is a harbinger of a fresh start. Dallas’ disappointing end to 2023 is still months away.

An embarrassing home playoff loss to the Green Bay Packers was particularly damaging and felt more devastating than the Cowboys’ recent playoff disappointment with Prescott under center. Remember where the Cowboys were before playing the Packers? The NFL has changed. The Philadelphia Eagles are in free fall.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers win the crowded NFC South, and Dallas could win the NFC for the first time after defeating the Detroit Lions at home a few games earlier, effectively clinching the No. 2 seed in the NFC playoffs. was small. The first title match in about 30 years.

There was hope, and I dare say expectation, of a win at home against a team that was considered the favorite to win. In the second half, the Cowboys trailed by a few points against an inferior opponent, and any thoughts that the Cowboys were about to reach a fairytale ending quickly faded away as the harsh reality dawned that the Cowboys would once again be eliminated early. Ta. Schefter’s comments and the Cowboys’ front office approach so far this offseason provide renewed momentum toward completing the rebuild.

Ask yourself. A team committed to its core will allow Tyron Smith to leave after showing early signs of wanting to return and instead agree to a potential incentive deal elsewhere mosquito? Or could a solution-minded team at least bring in some cheaper free agents to replace the departed starting pitcher? In terms of contracts, the Cowboys have no intention of seeking a new contract from their head coach, and no progress has been made on a contract extension with Pro Bowl wide receiver CeeDee Lamb.

The former, McCarthy, is under tremendous pressure to compete for championships as a coach on the one hand, but must do so with a smaller team at the moment. This is a failure and probably intentional. While Lamb and Prescott’s contract situation will reportedly be resolved at some point, Prescott’s contract appears to be more difficult and may never be resolved.

Most took Schefter’s comments to mean that the QB selection would be a late-round developmental QB. Earlier this week, we picked three that might meet that requirement. The big question is what happens if the Cowboys draft early.

The Cowboys’ prospects for the No. 24 pick include Bo Nix from Oregon State and Michael Penix Jr. from Washington State. An investment in a first-round pick by one of them is the beginning of a future for the franchise that will come sooner or later. It’s not his fault that Prescott held the Cowboys back during his tenure as the starting quarterback.

But the combination of Prescott, defensively undisciplined postseason football, front office philosophy and lack of belief in winning a title at this point is leading all parties in different directions.

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