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What is the key to 49ers strong defense against the Seahawks – Seahawks pass rusher Frank Clark

Dec 8, 2023

The Seattle Seahawks have a difficult task ahead of them this Sunday, but one Seattle quarterback explained how to succeed against a team like the San Francisco 49ers.

The spoiler alert: it’s not easy.

The 49ers rank first in the NFL in EPA/play (0.186) and third in points per game (29.3) behind Dallas and Miami.

This is largely due to the array of offensive weapons and their excellent coordination.

Misdirection and movement played a big role here. Players like Deebo Samuel and Christian McCaffrey took advantage of the defensive confusion.

So what is the key to a strong defense against them? Seahawks pass rusher Frank Clark played extensively for the 49ers during his career and spoke candidly:

“If your team is good at something, they will find a way to turn it against you.”

“They (the misdirection) are very good,” Clark told The Huddle on Thursday. “And generally, if you’re good at something, you tend to do it.

Like the Eagles and (mean quarterbacks). They are the best team in the business.

“I don’t think San Francisco is going to give up anytime soon.”

Well, that’s not encouraging. However, the 49ers have not been perfect all season. So how have some defenses against them succeeded?


“You can see that the teams that have success against them play more aggressively,” Clark said.

“They play with them openly, they fight with them. They do not allow the game to be interrupted due to wrong direction. It’s difficult for soccer players because they want to play.

You see it and want to attack it. But as a striker you already know this is what you want from us.

“I think it’s about eye training, core training, understanding your man, understanding your job.”

Clarke added that maintaining the gap and limiting mistakes (including penalties) was key.

The Seahawks desperately need a win. They are on a three-game losing streak and face the possibility of a fourth straight loss if they fall to the 49ers. This never happened under Pete Carroll. Losing streaks can be difficult.


What is the locker room dynamic like? “Losing is hard,” Clark said. “Because we lose as a team, we don’t lose individually.

Many people seem to see it as a personal loss when they do not succeed or reach the standards they pursue. But this is not entirely a personal loss.

The players need to understand that this is a team loss. This is something we haven’t done as a team, and that’s why we’re here.

And I’ve always said losing is about the coaches and players.

It’s not just the player who may have scored a penalty kick late in the game or been forced to sit out. no; This is a team game.

That’s why football is so great, because you have to rely on 11 players… There’s a lot that goes into the preparation week… You spend the week trying to be as normal as possible while competing. .

If we go into Sunday’s game at the highest level possible, everything will fall into place. “Sometimes that doesn’t happen.

I think that’s exactly what happened to us last week. This has happened to us in this field.

There’s a lot to figure out. But I think once you understand it, you understand it, and you can build your business from there.”

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