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Why DC Steve Wilkes is likely to remain with the 49ers after this season

Jan 11, 2024 #49ers, #Steve Wilkes

Defensive coordinator Steve Wilkes appears to be a popular figure for the head coaching vacancy, but that may not be what he wants right now.

Perhaps Kyle Shanahan’s best skill is building his coaching staff.

Every year the 49ers have coaches who are brought in for interviews and then scouted by other teams. This year, that coach appears to be defensive coordinator Steve Wilkes.

The Chargers have already asked Wilkes to interview for the head coaching position. This is definitely an interview Wilkes wants to do, and it probably won’t be his only interview. At least the Chargers won’t be the only team interested in him.

But I don’t expect Wilkes to become the head coach. I think there’s a good chance Wilkes will remain with the 49ers on his own after this season. Wilkes has come a long way over the past seven years.


From 2018 until now, he has been one and has worked in many teams. In 2021, he attended college at the University of Missouri for one year. I got the feeling that Wilkes was very tired of this and was craving continuity.

I wish he would play at least one more season and then become the manager of another team. There is a possibility that he will continue to be interviewed by other teams and take on the position of manager next year.

This usually happens when you’re the 49ers coordinator. And as far as we know, Wilkes doesn’t even want to be a director.

He may be content with where he is and be okay with it. Life with the 49ers as defensive coordinator has been good for him.

This has to be one of his favorite periods, if not his favorite, of his career. He brings tremendous talent to the defense of a Super Bowl contending team.

The last time he had to do that was when he was the Panthers’ defensive backs coach in 2015 when they went to the Super Bowl. At this point in his career, it might be best for him and his desire to pause for a bit.

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