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Why is rust not a problem for the 49ers in the divisional playoff rounds

Jan 12, 2024 #Rust

One of the issues for the 49ers heading into the regular season finale was the rest debate. On the one hand, it was a meaningless game, negatively affected by injuries.The other side of the coin is that if you give the starters too much rest, they could be shut down for two weeks, which could leave them rusty in the divisional playoff rounds.There is always a complicated balance and no clear answer.


This is a unique formula that allows each team figure out what works for them. The 49ers did this by playing most of their players for more than one series.However, since it is not a complete game, there is still a chance for rust to appear. But I don’t think for a second that rust will be an issue when the 49ers begin their run in the divisional playoffs.First of all, Kyle Shanahan won’t let that happen. It all starts with practice, and Shanahan is a big believer in that, even during practice.

He prefers camp practices to actual preseason games and plans to make sure he stays rusty in the playoffs. “We’ve got two tough practices ahead of us,” Shanahan said of his plans for the bye week. “I thought I got it last week.” He said. But we will take two strong ones.I’ll probably do one of these. Tomorrow we’ll call these guys up and get them training and maybe get out on the field and play some football.People with specific skills will allow you to do things on your own. But this is not a real exercise.


So tomorrow we have two sports days. Then I’ll give you the weekend.”Another reason rust isn’t an issue and has to do with practice habits is that the 49ers are too tall a team for thatOf course, you have to accept that rust exists and do everything you can to prevent it.And regular exercise can help. But that too at the age of 49. Focus and focus is their culture.

When it comes to the playoffs, they won’t disappoint.They’ll be ready no matter who they face in the divisional round. Despite the rust, the 49ers are too talented to let that derail them.It doesn’t affect you as much as it did when you started the game. Rust is often a big problem for teams with a lot of downtime, but it shouldn’t be a problem for the 49ers

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