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  • The Eagles and DeVonta Smith continue to negotiate with a big deadline looming

The Eagles and DeVonta Smith continue to negotiate with a big deadline looming

"What do you do when the Philadelphia Eagles aren't playing? Are you bored?" What? Your question is followed by my two questions…

A pair of Eagles legends bring the show to WrestleMania 40 in Philadelphia Eagles

We've been teasing a potential WrestleMania appearance from The Eagles for most of this week.

Eagles top 33 quarterbacks sign with Chiefs

The former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback is poised to become a Super Bowl contender.

The New York Jets are losing key player Haasson Reddick after loosing Bryce Huff to the Philadelphia Eagles.

It shows a huge commitment on the part of the Jets, who want to use the addition of veteran running back Aaron Rodgers to their team.

The latest 2024 NFL free agency projections have the Philadelphia Eagles rated as the top elite defensive playmaker.

The Philadelphia Eagles are one of those teams that are just a point or two away from winning the Super Bowl

Eagles CEO Jake Rosenberg is leaving the Philadelphia Eagles in hopes of taking a general manager job elsewhere

Rosenberg administered salary restrictions and negotiations on the contract, under the leadership of Roseman under the leadership of the Erglu team.

Former Cowboy; Will Grier signs Jalen Hurts and Kenny Pickett

The Eagles have signed Will Greer to a one-year contract, adding him to the roster, according to ESPN's Adam Schefter.

Top Eagles stories from the 2024 NFL Owners Meeting

They will have a slew of new coaches and players ready for what they believe is a breakout season in 2024.

8 former Eagles players will not be able to fulfill their new contracts in 2024

These people always seem to be lucky to get money, although they rely more on their reputation than what they have achieved so far.

The Philadelphia Eagles are managing to stay afloat thanks to new acquisitions.

the veteran Philadelphia Eagles general manager felt the same thing.

Eagles’ Jason Kelce sets Aaron Donald’s incredible sack record

Kelce was effusive in his praise of Anders, describing how the Eagles' game plan stacks up against him compared to others.

Buy your Saquon Barkley Philadelphia Eagles jersey today.

Barkley, who left the rival New York Giants, is certainly excited for a fresh start on a team that is aiming for another Super Bowl.

Chicago Bears Rygter: Philadelphia Eagles signee Justin Field

With Marcus Marcus Mariota signing with the Washington Commanders last week, the Philadelphia Eagles needed a new backup quarterback for Jalen Hurts

The Eagles’ most pressing positional needs were ranked after a massive free agency overhaul

Philadelphia signed Saquon Barkley, Bryce Huff, Devin White, Devante Parker, Zach Baun and Matt Hennessy.

Philadelphia Eagles favorite Jason Kelce does a Danger Bill’s Mafia stunt

Jason Kelce is a free agent.He no longer has to prepare for another grueling season with the Philadelphia Eagles.

The Eagles have agreed to a three-year contract with C.J. Gardner-Johnson.

Gardner-Johnson sat at the roundtable and explained why he has the photography equipment to capture all of his experiences this week

Eagles deny interfering with Saquon Barkley

"All player recruiting is done through players' agents.

Drew Brees honors Jason Kelce with amazing retirement gesture

The Philadelphia Eagles have had a stellar career under Jason Kelce, but now the superstar center is entering the next phase of his life.

Brandon Graham agrees to return to Philadelphia Eagles for 15th season

Graham had an impressive 73 tackles in 195 career games with the Eagles, including three last season.

The Eagles should avoid these draft picks at all costs after the 2024 NFL Combine

Year after year it happens.